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Mutual Associations are legal persons governed by private law, non-profit, freely and democratically constituted by natural persons, inspired by solidarity, with the aim of providing reciprocal help in the face of possible risks and satisfying their needs by providing of social security services, food security and production, transformation and commercialization of the Peasant Family and Community Economy -ECFC and in general, the activities that allow to satisfy the diverse needs of its associates.

With CAPITAL MIAMI ASSOCIATES you build your HERITAGE and execute a lifestyle plan with great BENEFITS.

Anyone who wants to have a lifestyle through a savings plan to build their wealth.

Any natural person who wants to ensure a decent future.

Because we are a non-profit entity, authorized and supervised by the Solidarity Economy Superintendency to carry out this activity.

Because we generate profits for our associates through insured projects and business agreements.

The Superintendence of Solidarity Economy

Yes, you can request your money at any time since you are the only owner of your money. And you can choose the savings plan tailored to your needs.